The Campaign

JM BUSHA 54 Sailing Team is a student comprised sailing team that is setting its sights on competing and winning the prestigious Cape2Rio Yacht Race.


The team was formed in December of 2018 by a group of university students, which were already actively competing in the sailing space.


The team members have competed in National Championships, World Championships and a range of other national and international sailing regattas – giving the youth team the right tools and skillset to challenge for the Cape2Rio Yacht Race.

The Team

Michaela Robinson

University of Pretoria: Bachelor of Commerce

Sailing with her brother, Ryan, Michaela has managed to win two consecutive World championship sailing titles, and various national titles. She has also previously competed in the Cape2Rio Yacht Race twice, coming in at 2nd and 5th place respectfully. Michaela recently competed in ISAF World Championships representing South Africa. She has also been awarded youth Protea colours for her international sailing achievements. Michaela’s leadership qualities and sailing experience will make her an asset as the Skipper of the boat, her determination and drive will assist in pushing the team to their limits throughout the course of campaign and the race.

Sailing crew position: Skipper

Emma Clark

University of the Witwatersrand: Bachelor of Engineering Science in Biomedical Engineering; Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Electrical) Information;

Emma started sailing at the age of 10. Having learned the ropes quickly she ascended to become the youngest female competitor at All African Games in 2011. Since then she has been a female National Champion of the Optimist and Laser Radial classes. She also competed in the ISAF Youth Worlds, where her achievements earned her Protea Colours. Emma was also an integral part of the 6 Sailing Ladies as part of an all-female Lipton Challenge Cup campaign team. Emma’s engineering and mathematical background have given her strategic and tactical prowess which she has been able harness and apply to sailing, for this reason Emma was chosen as the person with the best skill set to be the teams Tactician.

Sailing crew position: Tactician and Navigator

Jonathan Ham

University of Pretoria: Bachelor's degree of Veterinary Science

Jonathan has been involved in sailing from a very young age. He has proven his ability both nationally and internationally through two national championship titles in 2016 and 2017. Being the youngest skipper at his first international regatta, (505 World Championships, Kiel, Germany, 2015) and progressing, more recently, to finishing as the 2nd Youth team, alongside his brother, Alexander, at the 505 World Championships in Fremantle, Australia 2019. Jonathan’s strengths lie in his ability to persevere through difficult situations and remain focussed on attaining a successful outcome. These strengths have enabled him to compete in numerous ultra-endurance events. Through his adventure and endurance racing activities Jonathan has been able to sharpen his navigation skills through the use of navigation tools, maps and charts. Jonathan’s skillset make him a great asset to the team as the head Navigator while he works with the tactician and skippers to plot the best course of sail.

Sailing crew position: Trimmer

Ryan Robinson

University of the Witwatersrand: Bachelor of Commerce, Economics and Finance

Ryan’s sailing career began early in his life at the age of 7. Since then Ryan has managed to become one of South Africa’s finest youth sailors having won two Mirror World Championships after teaming up with his sister Michaela, competed in two ISAF Youth World Championships, three Dart World Championships, two 505 World championships and several other international and national sailing regattas. Ryan’s achievements earned him the honour of being awarded Protea colours and earned him the privilege of wearing South Africa’s national kit and represent South African sailing abroad. Ryan’s sailing expertise and experience as well as his spirit of camaraderie have suited his positions as both the crew leader and the co-skipper.

Sailing crew position: Skipper and Crew leader

Tawanda Chikasha

University of the Witwatersrand: Bachelor of Commerce Economics and Management

Nationality: Zimbabwe

Coming from a landlocked country, Tawanda’s ambition and drive lead him into the realm of sailing 4 years ago. He excelled among some of the top sailors as a member of Wits Sailing Club to become a part of Ciao Bella Race Team and take part in the Cape2Rio Yacht Race. Tawanda has competed successfully in several national sailing regattas and national championships as well as having done work for The Volvo Ocean Race on their stopover in Cape Town. Tawanda’s sense of calm and fearlessness in high pressure situations has saved the team in many sailing situations, this paired with his fast reaction time and precision make him a great asset to the team as a sail trimmer and bowman.

Sailing crew position: Bowman

Hearn Johnson

University of the Witwatersrand: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Hearn started sailing at the young age of 12. All of his basic sailing skills were self-taught on an old dingy left in his possession. After showing himself the proverbial ropes, Hearn jumped at the opportunity to join the Wits Yacht Club and test out his skills. It was at university sailing level that Hearn started to excel. competing in 2 intervarsity match
racing championships, 3 USSA events and one of South Africa's most prestigious ocean races - the Mossel Bay Race. Hearn has quickly risen the ranks, becoming one of South Africa's top student sailors.

Another skill set that he will be bringing to the table, is his extensive knowledge of yacht construction and maintenance (including the construction of a 48ft yacht), which will come in handy in any emergencies.

Perhaps Hearn's biggest asset is his absolute love for sailing, and his ability to muster through any situation life throws his way.

Sailing crew position: Bosun


The team and each of its members are fully committed to peace and unity in Africa. Peace and unity have all played a part in each team members life as an individual as well as getting the team together to embark on a sailing campaign of this magnitude. With each of us being students at different universities from different backgrounds and even different countries, we see this as the cornerstone for any successful undertaking that involves a diverse group of individuals working towards a common goal.


The team is genuinely committed to pledging the JM Busha 54 Peace pledge and taking the call to action to spread the message as individuals and as the team in which we are willing to be ambassadors of the initiative beyond the tenure of the campaign but in our everyday lives. Beyond spreading the message we are committing to taking action by getting communities and groups of people to also commit to peace and unity in Africa and believe in and act on the Peace Pledge as we will be doing ourselves through a number of ways we have listed.

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