• JM BUSHA 54 Sailing Team

Cape Town Prepwork

Since the team has arrived in Cape Town after the delivery, it has been non-stop action. We had a quick ‘break’ for the intervarsity USSA team racing and headed straight back to Cape Town for the real work to begin.

The team quickly started cleaning the boat, working on leak fixes, optimising the electronics, and other small fixes to get her ready to come out of the water. Ciao Bella came out of the water just before Christmas and just when the team thought they could have a nice relaxing holiday – we realised just how little time we had before the start of the race. So how did the team spend their ‘Christmas Holiday’?

Half the team was back in Joburg sorting out our flights, paperwork, financing and other administration – spending most days with our sponsor, JM BUSHA 54.

While the other half of the team was helping Gerry – from Yachting and Diving Services in Cape Town – sort out the boat. They worked on enhancing the electronics on the boat to ensure that we have the best and safest technology available. They also started sorting through all our food we had bought and divided it into our rations for each day. The engine was serviced, the final finishes of paint and the branding were put on the hull and the boat was cleared of everything that won’t be necessary for the race.

When the team was finally back together, the countdown clock had started. With only 8 Days to go we managed to work our powerful magic and pull through to complete our ever-growing boatwork and shopping list. With only 3 days to go we are all very relieved to officially leave all our boat work behind us in 2019 and welcome 2020 with the biggest bang imaginable – an adventure of a life time across the South Atlantic Ocean!

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