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Day 1- Cape2Rio Start

Well, to start this blog off we would just like to thank everyone for their support yesterday! Whether you were there in person, spirit or even sent us a message, it was an incredibly special day. For those who weren't there, I will paint you a quick picture... We got to the boat at 8am, packed our bags into their respective places, packed out fresh food for the next 2 days into a cooler box and had our safety discussion. By the time 8:30 came around there were masses at Royal Cape Yacht Club, coming to see all the boats off. Family and friends came to see their respective member leave the dock. We had a lovely team intro (even if i do say so myself ;-)). As every boat left the dock a bell got run. So at 11:20am our bell got rung and we were off to the start line. While this was a sad time for all the crew, the excitement took over. Goodbyes are always harder for the people being left behind, but this is an adventure of a lifetime, so for those who let us go - Thank you! Start Time!!! 5 minute count down, jib up, wind up, and bang Start Gun goes off. Short beat up to the top mark and then a nice downwind into Table Bay, round a mark and code Zero up. We are sending it now! But it isn't all smooth sailing... Jonathan lost the battle against the sea sickness and lost the last of his land based meal. BUT no one else has since been in that situation. SO a huge thanks to Jo Ham for taking one for the team. You would think that Jonathan getting sick before Ryan was a scandel... I went to the heads (toilet) looked under the basin for some toilet role and guess what i found hidden behind the water inlet pipe? CHOCOLATES!!! We are only 1 day in and have already found hidden snacks! Will we find anymore? Stay tuned to find out. Night watches came around sooner than expected and now the whole team was on A game! Jo Ham was better, and the rest of the crew strong, the only thing that was weak was the strength of the wind... Nevertheless we kept racing and woke up this morning to a great 10 knots so we popped up the Norweagian Blue (Code Zero Spinnaker) and now we are shunting! A few very important thank you's! To all the supporters thanks for making us feel like celebrities! Mr Busha for making this experience possible. Gerry (Coach) for the amazing work he did on Ciao Bella, and all the advice and encouragement he has given us. Kathryn and Mom (Gill) for beefing up our food. Warwick and Orpa Ham for all their support and hard work - especially the special braai. Dad (Mike) for the stew and for lending us your boat. The Teanby Family for all the support and for being our media boat! The Hutton-Squire Family for our lovely fresh apples straight off the farm!

- Michaela Robinson

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