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Day 11: Fresh water shower 

It's now been eleven days at sea and it doesn't get much easier, but it sure get's more enjoyable and memorable. Our memories are increasing at an exponential rate as each new day hold its own memories and challenges. Although we are now in a good routine and are getting more used to life aboard this small vessel, we still face challenges everyday. Looking back at some of the highlights of the past days as we approach the half way mark in our journey.

We have made great strides and have held our own throughout the race. We overcame the water situation and managed to stick together and find a solution. We managed to carry the weight of others when they were sick or unable to do their watches. We've spread out all the responsibilities and thus have ensured that the yacht runs like a well oiled machine. There are various challenges we face but the most difficult aspect of being at sea is that not only are we trying to live together on a small boat doing everyday things, but we are also racing. Having to balance these two things in a completely isolated environment is no easy task and I applaud all the sailors that have managed to do this successfully. Soon it will be us that achieve the feat as we go day by day doing well as team. On a brighter note I'm going to share the experience of the morning on this day. For the first time probably since the second day, we received some intense cloud cover that brought with it a bit of rain, actually, a fairly decent drizzle. It was time for Ryan and I's morning watch, that started just after sunrise. The sky was grey and the deck was wet, a welcomed sight after days and days of intense tropical heat and the oceans endless humidity. I took to the tiller and decided to steer for the first half of the watch as Ryan is usually still waking up, he does struggle to to become functional, especially in the mornings. The rain started and I sat there appreciating the fresh water rinse on my salty jacket. Before I knew it one hour had passed and I called up Ryan who was looking at the navigation. Emerging from the campanion way was a half naked Ryan, wearing nothing but his trunks. I laughed a bit before asking him what his plan was. "Fresh water shower bro" he said with a grin on his face. I laughed a bit more internally, but my external expression was still a bit puzzled. After Ryan took control of the tiller I acknowledged that after days of salt water bathing this actually made all the sense in the world, actually Ryan was thinking miles ahead of the general newbie ocean sailor. I quickly got into my trunks as we decided to use the quiet morning to give the cockpit a bit of a clean. We scrubbed the cockpit to get rid of all flying fish smells and scales and let the rain rinse it down. A morning like this reminded me of the simple things you start to appreaciate at sea, a fresh water shower is definitely something that's on top of my list when we hit the shores of Brazil. But for now we'll have to endure the salty water baths and take a "fresh water shower" when the weather allows us to. Stay Tuned for more.

- Tawanda Chikasha

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