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Day 14: Competition heats up

15 knots of boat speed is the equivalent to approximately 30km/h. That's not bad for a 35ft yacht. That is how my morning started. Half a moon that was still bright enough to light up the sea in front of us, the sky littered in stars and a smile on my face that just screamt SPEED RECORD! Starting off your day with what you are sure is going to be the record for the day, is a good start to the the next 24 hours! When the competition is as tough as it is on the boat every glimpse of potential victory is extremely satisfying. I have been on the back foot when it has come to speed records having had been infected by "the plague" early on in the race. So today could be the day I show my worth!

Talking about worth, lets talk about whether our food was worth the trip to Makro.

Our staple diet on board consists mainly of Futurelife/Oats for breaky, Crackerbread/provitas with Tuna/Peanut Butter for lunch, and Rice/Pasta for dinner. Yes, I am aware that we are consuming tons of carbs. Today was a change that made every person on this boat the happiest they have been since the Vetkoek on day 10 arrived in front of them. We had Jungle oats for Breaky - same old same old. Now, this is where the madness begins, we had basil pesto pasta for lunch - some people might say it tasted like it came straight out of the Tashas kitchen. Then dinner arrived - Freeze dried food - we have 3 packets that feed 2 people each. So you pick your eating partner and get to it. You add approximately 500ml of boiling water and then it hydrate the food for 30 minutes. For some unknown reason I got paired with Jonathan... Jono is about 10ft in length, with a metabolism of a Humming Bird and like an Elephant eats for 18 hours of the 24 hours in the day. I got about 2 spoons worth of food before it was demolished by our resident Vet. But 2 spoons was enough for me to know that the "Beef and Pasta Hotpot" was not as bad as everyone had said. In fact it was actually rather tasty and I would have loved so have eaten more of it, but alas.

Now rewind to lunchtime, here I am making some Tashas quality pesto pasta when I heard the radio cackle. Spoiler Alert! It was not a kind vessel offering us a nice home cooked meal or a provita alternative. It was Mojie and they were back! This time stalking up on us from behind like a Leopard...

Them: "Yacht Ciao Bella, Yacht Ciao Bella, This is Yacht Mojie, do you copy?"

Me: "Yacht Mojie, Yacht Ciao Bella, we do copy"

Me: "Why are you following us"

Them: Silence

Me: "Did you come find us to steal some of our milion dollar pancakes?"

Them: "Negative, we just want to see where everyone else in the fleet was"

Personally I think it was a lie and they just got onto the radio to haunt us and to let us know that they are close behind us, like a Jack Russel, bitting at our ankles.

Anyway so that was cool. Not as humorous as Ryan's conversation but he did inherit a fair amount of my fathers genes - nose, humour and all.

Back to the intense competitive nature of all members aboard Ciao Bella - excluding Hearn who is just mellow. We have competitions for almost everything:

1. Who is a better food trader

2. Who's blog posts are the funniest

3. Who gets the most reactions after their blog post

4. Who has the best speed record for the day

5. Who's the most tanned

6. Who's spent the most time on deck in the blistering heat?

7. Who's made the best meal?

8. Who's got the most fans

9. Who has won the most games of Monopoly?

10. Who has done the most dishes

- Just to name a few

Now, most of these competitions result in an ego boost (2,3,4,5,7,8,9), some result in relaxation time (6,10) and others result in a happier life on board (1).

As the current leaderboard stands:

I am leading in (4,7,9)

Jono leading in (6,7)

Ryan leading in (3,6)

Emma leading in (2,8)

Hearn leading in (1,5)

Tawanda leading in (6,10)



So I appeal to the masses, please get us some clarity on numbers 2,3,8.

I do apologise for all the animal comparisons but Jono is rubbing off on me.

With day 14 passing by and competition still in full swing I bid you all goodbye from an extremely hot boat in the middle of the South Atlantic as I must attend Family time.

- Michaela Robinson

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