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Day 16: Chocolate Bilges and Leecloths

'Twas a fine day for change, words I never thought I would say. This is the vessels Bosun, Hearn Max Johnson. Some of you may wonder why I have issues with change... It may be due to the fact that large change, results in mechanical failures or my Morning routine of a perfect cup of coffee being substituted with water or some odd Healthy smoothie concoction made of sprouts and spinach, which I'm informed is good by some tantalizing tale that really does not make up for the taste.

The change I speak of is in the form of Weather and boat speed. My favourite kind of change, Acceleration! We begin the day with an army of squalls surrounding us like hungry vultures ready to try a tired and sweaty crew. What they did not anticipate is that raining on us and throwing all of their wind our way would only revive us to action like the boiling water to our freezedry food packs. Except we looked far better than the freeze dry and I can't say what we taste like because our food supply is solid and we haven't needed to resort to any Cannibalism yet but the race isn't over - stay tuned. Our Track was gybe after gybe, racing from one squal to the next, peeling spinnakers, and trimming hard to ensure we keep JM BUSHA 54 Sailing Team at full send. The track won't look pretty but it was fast. The crew got to ensure some of natures pleasures with fresh water showers on deck with a view of cloud formations building to epic proportions.

Tawanda and I where having the time of our lives with all of the sail changes, swells, winds, and big sea spray. Watching from the outside it's chaos but it's such a rush and my favourite part of waking up is hearing the words "Right we need a sail change". Looking down our fire fueled vessel of speed the rest of the crew where trimming their absolute hearts out with big smiles and concentration at an all time high! One could see steam simmering off their heads to get as much speed out while we battle through what we expected to be a dead patch.

Now amidst the battle of all battles, we made pancakes because I mean, why not? Crew down below with our brave Captain on the helm riding the waves one his ace. Tawanda flipping pancakes with the crew watching him go with their beady eyes. T started leaning more and more, his head getting closer to an open flame on the stove. Button (Michaela) hanging onto the sink. Pancakes started kissing the floor and dripping in honey all over the boat. Bowls taking flight like angry birds accompanied by the lids turning into Frisbees of death. Bilges began to full with hot chocolate which is not ideal as we have a limited ration.

We hear a call from deck "Could I have some hands" silence followed by a more lean "Vang!...Vang!...VANG!!!" We broach hard! Crew fly to their feet to retrieve our beautiful vessel from the broach, and balance is restored. During the rather rude commotion I gently rolled in a Port Left) direction onto the leecloth. It should be noted that they can really make for a comfortable broach and a generally pleasurable ocean experience.

The day slowed down and so did the excitement as the sun set and we read some emails and enjoyed our dinner and family time. All in all it was a great day and after the fresh water showers on deck the crew is smelling great and are to continue our race to Rio.

Our water maker is going great she's pumping out a solid 9 litres every 20 min and a bunch of other engineering stuff but as usual DM me because I tend to rattle on too long about such things and the crew need to focus and sail so that they do not pass out in boredom.


* Peeling - Changing from one spinnaker to the next in a fancy way

* Leecloth - A Piece of material that acts as a wall so you don't fall off your bunk when the boat heels.

With that I say Good Day.

- Hearn Johnson

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