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Day 18: Exchange rates

Guess who's back, Back again, Shadies back, tell a Friend.

Our Dear shade cloth (aka slim shady) has been sown back together! using the best materials at our disposal, Emma performed performed a miracle. With surgical precision was able to stich our most valuable Asset back together.

In other news, the black market trade is running at full force. The Values of each Item of food can onlapproximatedated. They Cannot be given equated to any Currency on land, because Items on Board are quite literally priceless.

To give you an idea, We'll use speckled eggs as our base value.

The exchange rate is as Follows (In descending order)

1 night off: 20 Speckled eggs

1 pack of Oreos: 10 Speckled Eggs

1 Cleaning of the bilges: 5 Speckled Eggs

1 hot chocolate: 3 Speckled Eggs

1 Pack of Tuna: 2 Speckled Eggs

1 Skittle: 1 Speckled Egg

1 Pack of Provitas: -10 Speckled Eggs

As you might have noticed, Provitas have a negative Correlation. This is Due to the fact that you need to literally pay people to Take the provitas off your hands. Economists Could make an interesting case study out of this scenario.

We have a little Greenhouse going above the starboard bunk. We are growing a whole Array of Sprouts. all in little jars. Though there is talk amongst the crew of dicontinueing Operations. This after the many recorder incidents of *coughs* Flattulance.

One such example was on night watch last night. I was unfortunate enough to have the middle Watch. 1st watch has the Sunset and elegant dusk. 3rd watch has a sunrise and a beautifull dawn to Welcome you into this new day. 2'nd watch just offers you broken sleep patterns and misery.

I woke up for the graveyard shift. I got on deck, and wiped the sleep from my eyes. What law before me on the deck, was a bloodbath. Approximatley 25 flying fish littered across the deck. I surveyed the battlefield. Victory was Ours- for now. At least if we we're going to take any longer than the 25 days we had rationed for food, our die could be supplemented with these south atlantic confectioneries.

Anyway, i digress. Jonathon had joined Hearn and I on the graveyard shift. We we're chatting about some arbitrary topic until we heard what could only be described as a foghorn. The boat Shook violently, as if we were surfing down a massive wave. Jonathon and I got into combat formation, looking around frantically for a ship. As i was about to send Hamlet down to check on the AIS, Hearn burst into a massive fit of laughter. Turns out the noise was man-made. The source was cackling histerically.

On another slightly more pleasant note, We have sighted our first Flappy bird. Though slightly less majestic than their Flapless cousins (Albatrosses and the likes), It was still exciting. A signal that land was close.

We've got a way to go though. The Grind never ends.

As always, Full Send.

El Capitan

- Ryan Robinson

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