• JM BUSHA 54 Sailing Team

Day 5 - The Drifter

By this point I imagine that many of you are having severe FOMO from not being here with us on this ride of a lifetime. So I thought I'd give everyone a chance to join us for a day of life on Ciao Bella... For this you will need a few crucial ingredients: 1. Salt water and sun-cream, as much as you can find of both 2. A perpetually unstable surface on which to live your life 3. 5 friends who are able to provide a solid stream of banter 4. Food that seems to suck the moisture from your mouth (Provitas, Future Life etc.) and 5. Minimal contact with the outside world - just throw your cellphone away. Step 1: wet everything. (It doesn't have to be soaking - just damp) your pillow, mattress, sleeping bag, clothing, shoes. All of it. Step 2: don't allow yourself to sleep for more than 4 hours at a time - this is crucial to provide the necessary mental state of slight dizziness and a short temper. Step 3: you know all that salt water? Use it to shower and clean yourself, your dishes and your clothes. Step 4: by now your body should be covered by a healthy layer of salt and you should feel slightly sticky - this is the perfect time to add the sun-cream to produce a nice salty/oily emulsion. Step 5: you and your friends aren't allowed to separate by more than 10 meters or so, stay nice and close, even during showers and bathroom breaks. At this point you should have a pretty good idea of what life on-board feels like and hopefully I've lessened the FOMO just slightly. But I fear I may have forgotten one or two crucial points. For one, look around you - for as far as the eye can sea there is only blue. Ocean stretching on forever, yet somehow dwarfed by the endless sky above. Listen. To the rush and bubble of the wake chasing behind you and the crash of the odd wave off to the side. Hear the wind over the sails and past your ears and feel the world roll and twist and fly underneath. Spend each day in wonder of a nature so pure that it's easy to imagine that humans don't exist. Begin and end each day with sunrise and sunset - golden and orange and red painted under each cloud. Enjoy the simplicity of living an adventure and watching birds fly with wings skirting the crests of waves. If you can imagine all of this then you're right here with us, if not, you'll have to come and do it yourself or endure the FOMO. As for what happened on day 5: it was mostly a drifter, glassy water with no wind. Some of us had a swim and we tried to rest and not let the frustration of these conditions get to us. It would seem we had it better than our competitors though as we have pulled slightly ahead - it's still a very long way to Rio though and food rationing has begun. Right now Mics is making dinner, Em is helming, we're listening to Billy Joel's Piano man, the sun is setting and there's nowhere else I'd rather be. - Hamlet (Jonathan)

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