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Day 7 - Pancakes

Day 7 started off with quite the bang! or should I say a scream! With only 45 minutes left of sleep before my 2am watch I got rudely awoken by a high pitch yelp! First thought that came into my head was "Oh Damn someone has fallen overboard" - in those exact words. So I jumped out of bed and ran onto deck just to find that Emma and Jonathan were both still fine and on deck! Turns out it was just a suicidal Flying Fish That tried to make ot over the boat but was not quick enough to make it over. So long story short, the scream was due to Emma being winded by a suicidal fish! You'd think that after one dead fish the others would learn? Nope! During the course of the day we ended up with what could be a massacre of sea life! 6 flying fish and 1 small squid. Unfortunately all too small to eat...

Now onto happier thoughts because being woken up early just upsets me...

Day 7! Can you believe we have been at sea for a week already? Because we can't. Today was a momentous day, as it should be, but not necessarily due to good experiences. I decided to make some water before the boat got to hot, so I got the desalinator desalinating and all was well, we were making water by the litre. But then horror struck! The desalinator made some funky grinding sounds so I immediately turned it off. Hearn was woken up to come and investigate the problem. We took the entire machine apart, cleaned all the bearings, pipes, drained and replaced the oil. Were we all set to go now? Negative. We started the machine up and the sounds were still there!

So today we started our water rations of 1l of water per person per day for another 20 days. Hopefully it doesn't take us another 20 days to get to Rio! The good news is that the water maker is not completely broken, and we have enough water to make it to Rio safely - so no one worry and no one tell my mom! If push comes to shove the desalinator is still functional, we just don't want to wreck it completely.

Now with all the bad happenings of today - water maker breaking, being woken up early - the day was finally starting to look up! WE HAD PANCAKES FOR OUR AFTERNOON SNACK! Pancakes seem to make all your worries disappear. Whether it is worrying about passing an exam or worrying that you don't have enough water, all the worries disappear! My point being that the pancakes I made were amazing - even if I do say so myslef! As an even bigger treat, I made each crew members last pancake with crushed Oreo in them, yes I know I am a genius and humble.

We ended off our day 7 with a full send directly into the setting sun, which means we are finally sailing towards Rio and not Angola. Have any of us mentioned how magical these sunsets are! I cannot find any words to describe the colours you see in the sky. They all complement the other like Cinnamon and sugar on a pancake. Unfortunately, I am not very poetic so If you could pop us some suggestions on things that complement eachother well, just so I can try and describe the sunsets more poetically.

All in all Day 7 was a fabulous day!

- Michaela Robinson

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