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Day 9&10: Trade Deals 

This blog post details the habits we now have on the boat. There was a decision to have "family time" when we eat lunch and dinner and during this time read all the emails to crew and enjoy the undying support. It's a huge morale booster and keeps us all focused on the goal of getting to Rio. Its a time of bantering around events of the day, a time to reflect on things and keep some solid healthy communication but most importantly the trade deals begin. Its much like the New York Stock Exchange, this is the real serious part of the trip, we have people trading off the last pancake for an entire packet of jelly beans, peanut butter for cheese wedges or perhaps a neck massage for the last chocolate bar. Its not so much how good the massage is but how sore your neck gets after helming with eyes fixed on the spinnaker to get every last dribble of speed out of Ciao Bella. We have outside trading, inside trading, imaginary lawyers advising people; basically there is all kinds of insanity over the daily snack rations. Showering was originally done so by bucket until Ham arrived with the Super Solar Shower which has become some what of a commodity. Think we lossing it? Perhaps but just imagine how pleasant a salt water shower can be, not the greatest but now just picture a cold salt shower. The warm showers has basically given us an extra star in the Air BnB ratings. Basically, we have been keeping the boat clean, ourselves clean and the ocean clean! Keeping the boat clean becomes a big challenge when you have girls on board - well girls who are Michaela and Emma who lose more hair than moulting lama. That expression was courtesy of the vet on board so there must be some truth to it...

Now for the people that know me I am an avid "cruiser" so I'm relatively new to this whole racing thing. Let me tell you what it's like on board. We have matresses that are only 5cm thick, constantly damp bunks, no chairs outside, no freshwater shower, and no sound (speakers, yes I am from the South). All these luxuries that I no longer have, have made me realise how much I miss my duck down duvet and coffee in the morning! But we are a racing boat and as our spinnaker pole says we are at FULL SEND. You may also hear the expression 'full send alot' this is because our coach - Gerry Heggie - instilled it in us. "I want you okes to be at full send the whole time, I want to hear you grinding and the outhaul in the boom rattling" are the inspiring words of coach. Enough about life on board from my perspective, because I am used to living in more comfort and I make it like a terrible, but in my opinion it reminds me of my little tender on the vaal dam.

Lets talk highlights of day 9 and 10. * Made pancakes on Day 9 courtesy of Button (Michaela) * Made vetkoek with syrup courtesy of the captain (Ryan) on Day 10 * We also crossed the Greenwich Meridian (This is when you cross from the eastern hemisphere to the western) * Found the last of the snacks that Mr Robinson hid on the boat for us. He has been hiding sweets all over the boat for the trip. It's just so unfortunate that we are keen sweet hunters and have found all of them. * There have been no flying fish on the boat since day 8. Get Ready for a fire Blog post for Day 11 written by our very own Captain

- Hearn Johnson

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