• JM BUSHA 54 Sailing Team

Food Rations

Since we are a racing boat, one of our biggest concerns when packing the boat is weight. We want to be as light as possible. Much to the teams shock – that meant food too. Every meal and snack has been carefully planned and rationed, down to the last oreo. We first started with planning our meals on an excel spreadsheet to determine a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack plan per day. We then presented new meal ideas and plans which we sorted through and finalised a shopping list.

Michaela and Hearn then went to buy 25 days worth of food from Makro… They were quite the sight with their 10 boxes of cappuccino sachets and 30 kgs of oats. All of this food has since been sorted into days and vacuum packed to minimise their contact with water.

What is the typical day worth of food on the boat? For the first couple of days where we are expecting rough weather leaving Cape Town. We have precooked spaghetti bolognaise so we don’t have to spend too much time cooking below deck in the sea-sickening conditions. Once we hit the trade winds, our meal plan becomes a lot more simplified. We will be starting our days with a small helping of oats or future life – with powdered milk (Tawanda fought hard for his milk!). For lunch we have a rotating choice of provitas and tuna, rice cakes and peanut butter or crackers and cream cheese. Dinners are a designated choice of rice or spaghetti or an occasional Quinoa, Smash or cous-cous. We flavour these with a boxed tomato pasta sauce, tinned meatballs, tinned ham, beans or chakalaka. On our night watches we are lucky to get planned snacks of oreos, jelly babies, snack bars, dried fruit, or biscuits.

It will be quite an adjustment having to restrict our urges to reach into the pantry to grab a quick snack – because you wouldn’t want to eat someone else’s ration, since there is nowhere to hide on the boat!

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