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Getting her to Durban

After months of hard work and many hours of studying procrastination - the day was finally here. All of the major components of boat-work, refurbishments and modifications on Ciao Bella had been completed in Carletonville and she is finally ready to see the sea once more.

And so the big move began...

Carletonville to Durban, it’s only a 6 hour drive right? Well, not when you’re towing a 35ft yacht. For those of you who don't know - transporting a 4 ton yacht is no easy feat. It was not just a “hitch the boat and go” situation. She required cranes, trucks and 2 escort vehicles. She was lifted out of her garden cradle onto a truck, to start the long 12 hour journey down to Durban. We had our trusty truck driver Danny-boy with Jack and Thulani as an extra set of hands or two. Gill and Mike Robinson in the first escourt vehicle and Michaela and Tawanda in the other.

We left “The Ville” at 14:00 on 19th June but due to the fact that we were an abnormal load we could only drive at 80km/hour and only during daylight hours. So we pulled into a sub-zero degrees Harrismith and spent the night and left at first light on the 20th.

The boat was successfully delivered to a boatyard on the 20th in the Durban harbour area and off-loaded from the truck and put straight onto stilts for the remainder of the time before the launch. Mike, Jack and Thulani helped us more than we give them credit for, without them the boat would not have been ready for our travel date and launch date! So a huge than you to Mike and the team for all the hours and effort you put into the boat while the team were off “studying”. To Robtek, we thank you for giving us the use of your crane, forklift, truck, trailer, in-yard staff, but most importantly your phenomenal truck driver – Danny-boy. It made loading the boat and the drive down an absolute dream!

- Michaela Robinson

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