• JM BUSHA 54 Sailing Team

How the Great Adventure Started

The thing about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is that it… uhm… Ya, it kinda only comes around ONCE in a lifetime.

The absurd idea of doing the Cape2Rio Yacht Race started as a conversation on the Wits library lawns. It was there in a procrastination-fueled strategy session that Emma, Tawanda and myself dared to dream The Dream … and then (after coming back down to earth) started to outline Our Plan. As the planning progressed the goal of the campaign became: competing, not just completing.

To do that, we needed an all-star crew. We sought out young, talented sailors. Our recruitment process required input from the three of us as well as input from the veteran sailor (and father) Michael Robinson - who has previously lead two Cape2Rio Yacht Races. We proposed, argued, pontificated and, finally, produced a list of our possible choices (from all sailors across the country). After much review, Three skillful sailors were selected from the list. All three of the recruited sailors jumped on board (if you’ll pardon the first of many horrendous puns) for the opportunity and formed the final crew members for the race. (Imagine an Avengers-esque team, but with all the talent concentrated in Tawanda, with the rest of us playing the proverbial Hawkeye.)

The next step, after crew selection, was to find a boat that met all the requirements for the race and that was big enough to accommodate six people and slick enough to win a race. Fortunately, certain members of our team had a relative they were able to manipulate. After “searching” (not really) for a suitable boat we got an offer from Michael Robinson to use his boat, which required some work to be done.

With the boat launch planned for Durban in May, the team has their work cut out for them.

But, as I type this, I can hear the sound of grinders and sanders, in the background – a stark reminder that I should probably get off my keyboard and go do some boat work!

- Ryan Robinson

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