• JM BUSHA 54 Sailing Team

Making dreams come true

In light of the current pandemic, the JM BUSHA 54 Sailing team is hoping you are all well and safely nestled in your homes. The team members have been going through hours of footage and very soon we hope to have videos and more pictures from the race on our pages and YouTube channel. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the boredom I’m sure we’re facing being stuck indoors. In the meantime, here is a little tribute to all our supporters, family and friends.

This one goes out to all the people that made our dream come true. Our most important team member JM BUSHA 54, and our family, friends, and supporters. Without all of these people, our participation in the race would have been far less of the life-changing experience that it was. Thank you all for the love and support you have shown our little student team, this love and support made us the big team we proved to be.

Now that the boat has officially returned to the shores of South Africa, having arrived on the 29th of February, after another long crossing of the Southern Atlantic, the bulk of this incredible journey is over. It’s hard to put in words the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment the team has been feeling since leaving the shores of Cape Town more than 2 months ago. Although sailing the race was the most looked forward to the part of the entire campaign, we cannot disregard the journey to becoming a team and getting everything ready for us to accomplish the feat. These moments were the most pivotal in us becoming the team you watched throughout the race.

A special dedication and thank you to the JM BUSHA 54 organization and Mr. Joseph M. Busha who allowed us the opportunity not only to represent his organization JM BUSHA 54 as ambassadors but also for providing us with the support we needed to prepare for a cross Atlantic race. As previously stated the bulk of the incredible journey has come to an end but the journey for us still continues. We want to continue to help foster peace and unity in Africa, as ambassadors of JM BUSHA 54 we have taken on the responsibility of representing peace and unity in Africa for the rest of our lives. For us, we stand to continue spreading the message and getting more people to sign the JM BUSHA 54 peace pledge. Our next step in this journey is to share our story more closely with all our supporters and all interested people throughout the course of the year.

We also want to give a special thank you to Kirsten Clark for taking charge of our media throughout the race and keeping you all informed about our journey while we were at sea. Another special thank you to Michael Robinson and the Robinson family for their huge contributions (Ciao Bella among one of them), help and guidance to the campaign and the team, without whom the campaign would have not been possible. Finally, thank you to the delivery crew that brought the boat back from Brazil. Thank you to Tyrone Hammick, Warwick Ham, Faan, Michael and Brennan Robinson for braving the South Atlantic and bringing the boat back to the shores of South Africa.

Thank you all again for the undying love & support throughout the entirety of the campaign.

We will soon be having talks about the race and our next endeavors, all of these dates will be given in due course, in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic we have had to revise some of our dates. We hope to see you all in the near future to hear from us about our experience and our journey across the Atlantic.

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