• JM BUSHA 54 Sailing Team

Meet the Crew

We are a group of six Ambitious students from Universities across the country.

The youngest two Robinson children – Ryan and Michaela – will be co-skippers during this race. Ryan and Michaela have their own list of achievements ranging from National Champions to World Champions. Both Robinsons' have been awarded their Protea Colours for Sailing. This will be their third time competing in the Cape2Rio Yacht Race. This duo seems to be unstoppable when they sail together.

Our trusted trimmer – Jonathan Ham, also shares many achievements. He has a National title under his belt and has competed internationally at an extremely high level.

Emma Clark – Navigator – she has been named the Female National Champion in two classes respectively. Emma too has been awarded her Protea Colours for Sailing, to add to this, she was the youngest female competitor at the All African Games in 2011.

Tawanda Chikasha – Bowman – is a very keen sailor and has been sailing for the least time but is a huge asset to our team. Tawanda is a Wits Yacht Club member has competed in many National Events. He has formed an integral part in the creation of this campaign and this campaign would not have become possible without his ambition and drive.

And finally, Hearn Johnson our Bosun. He is a self-taught sailor who thrived at the competitive university sailing - competing in two intervarsity match racing championships, three USSA events and one of South Africa's most prestigious ocean races - the Mossel Bay Race.

- Micheala Robinson

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