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Sailing for Good

A photo just sent from the team as they crossed the Meridian! Such an achievement by these ambitious students who are racing towards the finish line at Rio de Janeiro.⛵🏁 Thank you everyone for all of your support. A special thanks to the shore crew, namely to Mike Robinson for all of his hard work. INFORMATION ABOUT THE TEAM AND SAILING FOR GOOD: A group of 6 student ambassadors for JM BUSHA 54. The group of 6 students are sailing across the Atlantic ocean in the Cape2Rio 2020 Yacht Race to raise awareness for the cause of peace and unity in Africa. JM BUSHA 54 is an organisation that works to promote peace and unity through education, arts, culture, music and sports; to engage and enrol individuals and institutions to actively promote and pledge peace, unity, accountability and responsibility at all levels of society, organisations and governments; and to raise funds for the African Union (AU) peacekeeping missions, mediation, reconciliation, conflict resolution and crisis management work in Africa, and elsewhere in the world. Please support the campaign. All donations will go directly to support JM BUSHA 54 initiatives. https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/jm-busha-54 JM BUSHA 54 is inspired by people. #iampeace #jmbusha54 #cape2rio2020 #sail4good To find out more about JM BUSHA 54: https://www.jmbusha54.com/ Find out more about the team on: Blog: https://www.jmbusha54sailing.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jmbusha54sailing/

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